Event Management


  • Festival, Concert, Roadshow Organizations
  • Product-Service Launch, Re-Launch, Promotion Activities
  • Concepts and VIP Parties, Invitations
  • Culture and Art Events
  • Social Responsibility Projects
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Field Activities
  • Artist, Show, Production Management

SAS Tourism, specializes event management, and works as a solution partner in all areas needed for your events, together with venue, region and facility alternatives, after determining the needs of the organization in line with their requests in the events they wish to organize.

By analysing the institutional identities of the customers with the event consultancy service, it learns the corporate culture and performs strategic activity studies in line with the brand objectives. The organization undertakes the professional duty of guidance for the brands in the events that the organization plans to organize. The institution provides every facility for activities and works to minimize the extra cost burden. This allows the institution to save time and expenses.

With the event marketing service, it analyses the products and services of the institution it works with and analyses the proposals of professional events that appeal to the right target group. It provides support to the marketing activities of the institution with the activity ideas that enable the target group and the brand to establish an inter-relationship. It organizes marketing activities that can directly reach the target group with event solutions that will promote the company's products and services and increase brand value.

Festival, Concert, Roadshow Organizations

  • SAS, organizations such as festivals, concerts and roadshows for the needs of its customers also offer rational and innovative solutions with different concepts. Such organizations are provided with professional support by developing special projects with host stewards, mobile staging, special design equipments.

Product-Service Launch, Re-Launch, Publicity Activities

 It is very important to increase brand value and place in the market in today's market where product, brand and competition are high. Our colleagues realize the full value of your publicity activities by taking advantage of the developing technology, the value of your products, services and your brand.

It is ensured that your mark has an effective role in the market by carefully managing all the important details such as targeted sound, correct sound and light system, personnel, and venue selection.

Concept and VIP parties, Invitations

 The SAS team is designing and detailing all the factors in the area where the concept design service will be performed, with many options. It aims to be your professional solution partner by making your special invitations more memorable.

Culture and Art Events

 All kinds of cultural and artistic organizations that your institution wants to realize are planned by our team and events are organized that bring art and entertainment together.

Social responsibility projects

These projects, which are carried out in order to draw attention to sensitivities, to raise awareness about the problems to be solved and to find solutions, bring great benefits in terms of brand trust and image. SAS has successfully developed these projects and strategies and has contributed to the relationship between the brand and society.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship is one of the most effective communication strategies in reaching the targeted perception, being more effective on the target audience. Placement of the brand name, branding is visible, enhancing the reputation, as well as the purposes of social responsibilities and awareness of the opportunity to show and provides an image. We are able to offer you different solutions in October, setting up the most suitable partner, creating sponsorship files and items, making negotiations and following.

Field Activities

 Field Activities are one of the major marketing activities that increase your sales and market share. With this service, different and creative activity options are presented to promote your brand's products or services.

Performer, Show, Production Management

 SAS Group, with its highly experienced technical team and advanced technological system, serves the entire process from planning and installation of the flow of activity, image, sound and light systems.