Marketing and Brand Solutions


  • Viral and Guerilla Marketing, Event Communication
  • 360 Marketing Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Corparate Identity and Venue Design
  • Social CRM
  • Social Media Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Digital PR
  • Internet Advertising
  • Advertising Network Management
  • Re-Marketing Google


 Viral and Guerilla Marketing, Event Communication

  • Our team, is using its techniques in the most impressive way to reach out to consumers and to give them an unforgettable experience with their brands. These marketing strategies aim to increase the brand awareness and prestige of the enterprises and provide new opportunities for different applications and businesses.

360 Marketing Communication

  • Integrated marketing communications; sponsorship, guest relations, publicity, direct marketing, advertising, research and measurement materials. SAS collaborates with the institutions for these long-term promotional activities and produces appropriate solutions within strategic plans.

Brand Management

  • Businesses must have completed the branding process in order to ensure long-term competitive advantage for the products or services they offer. In this context, strategic thinking styles are developed at every stage of the seminar, production and marketing of the products or services, and communication efforts are being made and branding process services are given to the enterprises.

Corporate identity and space design

  • Corporate identity, the visible face of brands, is the way the institution expresses itself. Corporate identity strengthens your institution and creates a sense of trust. Our team creates corporate identity designs for your company or company and provides you with a leading position in this field.

Social CRM

  •  Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which integrates traditional CRM tools into effective social media tools like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, helps your brand's online assets evolve. These social integration solutions are aimed to strengthen your brand communication.

Social media management

  • Social media management service, which has become one of the main processes of today's modern operation, enables your brand to actively take part in social media tools.

Direct Marketing

  • Direct marketing is aimed at applying interactive, concrete, participatory and measurable marketing communications by creating relationships between the target audience and the brand, creating adherence, encouraging purchase, using media outside of mass communication tools. Our team brings products directly to the consumer through field marketing such as event marketing, interactive marketing, marketing in the field and marketing at the sales points.

Digital marketing

  • It is aimed to successfully maintain your presence in the digital world by using interactive channels, using internet channels, away from traditional marketing channels. Strategies are being developed to provide you with the right place and connection at the right time.

Web design

  • Websites with official information channels of institutions provide transportation convenience to consumers. While SAS creates your enterprise showcase, SAS offers professional solutions for your needs.

Digital PR

• The Digital PR service promotes the introduction of products, services, brands or progeny using online media. In this context, the brand's reputation can be gathered in such information as feedback.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques are aimed at winning your brand by providing visitor flow from search engines.

Internet Advertising

  • Your targeted audience is reached in a short period of time through Internet advertising. With this service, strategies are being developed to make your products or services easier to access and to increase your marketing and brand value.

Ad Network Management

  • The advertising network management service enables you to manage your campaigns or promotions in the most efficient way by targeting them according to their demographic information.

Re-Marketing Google

  • In the Google Re-marketing advertising service, users who visit your website will be able to see ads on pages that you have visited or reviewed on other sites in the internet once they leave your site. It is aimed to take an active role in online marketing.