Tourism & Travel


  • Reservations within Country and Abroad
  • Flight tickets
  • Tour Programs within Country and Abroad
  • Visa Processing and Travel Insurance
  • Guidance Services
  • Car Rental and VIP Transfer Services

Domestic - Overseas Holiday and Hotel Reservations

SAS offers competitive alternatives for group and individual hotel reservations, both at home and abroad, with quality and different options. With the experienced team and the right business partners, the process from the planning of your trip to the end of your vacation is followed up with all the details. And according to different requests, holiday villas offer a wide range of options in 5-star hotels.

Flight tickets

SAS is able to provide you with the most suitable and economical alternatives to your expectations and preferences by contacting all airline companies as soon as possible so that you can travel to the domestic and international destinations with experienced sales staff. Using the payment options you want, you can quickly and efficiently make flight bookings, seat selection and all purchases by the sales team.

Domestic - International Tour Programs

SAS creates tour and travel programs for various groups both within country and abroad, specifically for different needs and interests. Guidance services, airport transfers and greetings, as well as cultural events, excursions and tours, provide you with full support for your organization.

Visa Processing and Travel Insurance

Our team provides full service and process for your overseas visa and travel insurance needs with application process, appointment and visa interview as fast as possible.

Guidance Services

We also offer guidance services with experienced guides in their field and special group tours to the institutions.

Car Rental and VIP Transfer Services

Our company is able to offer you the best alternatives for your domestic and international transfer and car rental services according to your request and budget with suppliers we have worked in every destination. You can complete your journey in a reliable, comfortable and trouble-free way with vehicles that can respond to all kinds of needs such as airport transfer, car rental with driver.